LIVE - DATES December 6th 2020 Ruhrpott Metal Meeting Oberhausen Germany September 12th* Clubshow Los Angelest USA September 11th * Rage Of Armageddon Festival New York USA August 15th 2020 Clubshow Neukirchen Germany July 2nd 2020* Big Gun Festival Pereslavl Russia May 23rd 2020* Bavarian Battle Open Air Kirchdorf Germany May 8th 2020* Clubshow Ibiza Spain April 4th 2020* Klubb Dissonans-Clubshow Jönköping Sweden * postponed November 29th 2019 35th Anniversary of Darkness Essen Germany October 4/5th 2019 Way Of Darkness Festival Lichtenfels Germany September 14th 2019 35 Years Thrashing with Messiah Zug Schweiz June 20th 2019 Mise Open Air Büßfeld Germany May 18th 2019 Metal Birthday Bash Open Air Gladbeck Germany April 12th 2019 Taunus Metal Festival Oberursel Germany March 8th 2019 Clubshow Sojus 7 Monheim Germany January 25th 2019 Bangers & Maniacs Birthday Bash Rostock Germany November 17th 2018 Rise Of Chaos Burgkunstadt Germany October 12nd 2018 CD-Release-Show Essen Germany September 29th 2018 Coast Rock Festival Emden Germany August 25th 2018 Skulls Of Metal Las Ecuelas Spain July 28th 2018 Headbangers Open Air Festival Brande Germany June 2nd 2018 Rage Against Racism Festival Duisburg Germany April 28th 2018 Execution Publique Lyon France April 21st 2018 50 Years Undead Lünen Germany March 10th 2018 Ragers Elite Hamm Germany March 2nd 2018 Tankard & Darkness Goslar Germany January 26th 2018 Thrash Speed Burn Fest Oberhausen Germany November 25th 2017 Metal For Mercy Witten Germany July 30th 2017 Nord Open Air Festival Essen Germany July 5th-9th 2017 Obscene Extreme Festival Trutnov Czech Rep. Febuary 12th 2017 True Thrash Fest 2017 Osaka Japan Febuary 11th 2017 True Thrash Fest 2017 Osaka Japan December 3rd 2016 Ruhrpott Metal Meeting Oberhausen Germany October 22th 2016 Yasta Club Madrid Spain October 8th 2016 TGS-CD Release Party Essen Germany September 17th 2016 Stormcrusher Festival Püchersreuth Germany September 10th 2016 Spirit Of Metal II Hamburg Germany April 16th 2016 Metal Chainsaw Massacre Vol.III Bologna Italy April 8th 2016 Thrashnight Goslar Germany January 15th 2016 Kuhzifest Vol. 1 Emden Germany November 28th 2015 Iron Forces Thrashfest #1 Nürnberg Germany November 7th 2015 Black And Thrash Attack Lesméniles France September 26th 2015 Metal In Mitte Vol. 1 Gladbeck Germany September 19th 2015 Münster Metal Massaker Münster Germany September 12th 2015 Fast And Loose Zwickau Germany August 22nd 2015 Turock Open Air Essen Germany July 31st 2015 Bäääm Festival Kierspe Germany November 8th 2014 Kamikazeclub Show Mechelen Belgium October 11th 2014 Krater Fest Oslo Norway July 5th 2014 Live in der Burg Show Lübeck Germany March 3rd 2014 Black’n’Thrash Inferno Germany Essen Germany December 28th 2013 Christmas Metal Meeting Meppen Germany September 27th 2013 Ages Of Metal Festival Oostrozebeke Belgium December 14th 2012 Endzeit Festival Essen Germany November 14th 2009 Thrash Assault #4 Würzburg Germany April 11th 2009 Chris Witchhunter Tribute Oberhausen Germany